PHE101M Multi-Wavelength Ellipsometer
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     PHE101M is multi-wavelength ellipsometer. Different wavelengths from UV, VIS or NIR range (up to 5 wavelengths)can be selected. The PHE101M ellipsometer has all of the features which PHE101 has.
  • Five maximal extended wavelengths
  • Auto change of wavelength for easy operation
  • Excellent precision and repetition
  • Fast rotating analyzer operation
  • Powerful software with material library
  • Second laser for convenient and accurate alignment
  • Widest variable angle 10-90°
  • Auto focus compensates for sample topography and wafer 'bow' misalignment
  • High stability and reproducibility of measured angle better than 0.01°
  • Excellent precision and repetition

The PHE101M is an ideal discrete wavelength ellipsometer for measuring the refractive index and thickness of single and multi-layer films at several wavelengths. It has the widest variable angle (10-90°) which is adjustable in steps of 5°s, with an accuracy of 0.01° (As an option, the angle of incidence can be varied continuously).

The standard wavelength of the PHE101M ellipsometer is HeNe laser at 632.8nm. The wavelength can be selected by a combination of 543nm, 594nm, 612nm, 635nm to 1164nm. Infrared sources at 0.83, 1.31 and 1.52 mm are also available.

The PHE101 ellipsometer is very easy to use and can be equipped with our new laser alignment tool which greatly improves the ease of use and speed of operation when compared to conventional alignment method.

Spot Size
Ellipsometric measurements can be carried out on sample areas smaller than 50 mm × 50 mm as an option. Sample areas with small lateral dimensions can be analyzed using the micro spot option together with a mapping option.
A second laser is used for the alignment. It is more advanced than traditional quadrant coordinate method. It makes the alignment more convenient and accurate. It can eliminate the operation's error by the automatic correction.
PHE101 Multi-Wavelength Ellipsometer has a powerful software, acquisition and data interpretation, full material library, complete relations for new materials, bounded model algorithms for simultaneous analysis of multiple models. The software package calculates n, k, and d for substrates, single film and multi-layers. The user can store models and simulation curves that are used for calculation. Data can be entered from the ellipsometer, the keyboard or an external file.
Materials Library
The PHE101M ellipsometry software is prepared for material library with predetermined measurement parameters allowing the operator to select an application and quickly execute measurement. Material library has hundred of materials information, such as semiconductor, dielectric, metal and other materials.
Thickness range of transparent films measurement 0 - 6000 nm
Thickness range of absorptive films measurment 0 - 6000 nm
Range of angle of incidence 10 - 90°
Reflection angle steps 5° ± 0.01°
Accuracy of measured Refractive index 0.0001
Accuracy of film thickness ± 0.001 nm for SiO2 standard sample
Stability Long term ( months ) ± 0.01° in D
Measurement time less than 1 sec
Sample stage Wafer chuck up to 200 mm diameter
Sample stage adjustments Tilt and height
Sample alignment Second laser alignment with automatic correction unit
Standard wavelength 632.8 nm
Optional wavelength 543 nm, 594 nm, 612 nm, 635 nm and 1164 nm or by request