Ellipsometer and Ellipsometry Resources
Discrete Wavelength Ellipsometry

High Signal-to-Noise ratio suitably operated in most environment
Fast measurement speed of less than 1s suitable for in-situ process monitoring and control
Any substrates: transparent, metallic, semiconductor, etc;
Widest coating films, single or multilayers;
Second laser to make alignment much convenient and accuracy
Powerful software with large library of material optical constants
High stability and reproducibility of measured angle better than 0.01 Degrees
Auto focus compensates for sample topography and wafer 'bow' misalignment
Wide variable angle 20-90 degree to simultaneously determine film thickness and optical constants
Multiwavelength combined operation to obtain refractive index dispersion

Multi wavelength ellipsometer designed for determining the refractive index and thickness of thin films.
It provides refractive indices at discrete wavelengths and their dispersion. Up to 8 discrete wavelengths are available.