Introduction to Ellipsometer
6. Other resources

Following online resources are useful for understanding of the polarization, reflection equations and ellipsometry.

Reference book on the ellipsometry

  • R.M.A. Azzam, and N.M. Bashara, Ellipsometry and Polarized Light, North Holland Press, Amsterdam 1977, Second edition, 1987.

  • Tompkins, Harland G. A User's Guide to Ellipsometry. San Diego, CA: Academic Press, 1993.

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  • Tompkins, Harland G., and Eugene A. Irene. Handbook of Ellipsometry. Norwich, NY: William Andrew Publishing, 2005.

Reference book about models and materials

  • Wooten, Frederick, Optical Properties of Solids, Academic Press, 1972.

  • Rancourt, James D., Optical Thin Films User's Handbook, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, 1987.

  • Streetman, Ben G., Solid State Electronic Devices, Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1980

Ellipsometers and software Documents and Brochures