PHE100 Spectroscopic Reflectometer
Angstrom Advanced sets the standard in Ellipsometry-bringing the best in ellipsometry technology at the most affordable price. Angstrom Advanced offers full range of ellipsometers for thin film thickness measurementry, optical characterization for refractive index and extinction coefficient analysis (n & k). Angstrom Advanced ellipsometry can be used for many different applications and are used in some of the most prestigious laboratories such as MIT, NASA, UC Berkeley, Yale University, Duke University, NIST and many more.
     Simple, accurate, reliable, affordable desktop or in-situ/on-line, R&D or production Thickness and optical constants (n and k) can be measured quickly and easily. The measurement and analysis of the data provides results in seconds. USB connectivity and powerful user-friendly software make installation and operation quick and simple.
  • Substrate refractive index(n) and extinction coefficient(k) measurement
  • Film thickness measurement, average and standard deviation
  • Thin Film coating's refractive index and extinction coefficient evaluation
  • Apply to many different type of thin film coating and substrates with different thickness range
  • Data exportation and loading
  • Direct measurement over patterned or featured structure
  • Capable to be used for real time or in-line thickness, refractive index monitoring
  • Flexible choice of computation wavelength range
  • System comes with comprehensive optical constants database and materials library
  • Convenient selection of film and substrate materials from software

Example thin film layers
  • Semiconductor fabrication (Photoresist,Oxide,Nitride)
  • Liquid crystal display (ITO, Polyimide, Cell gap)
  • Forensics, Biological films and materials
  • Inks, Mineralogy,Pigments, Toners
  • Hardness coatings,Anti-reflection coating,Filters
  • Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices
  • Optical coatings, TiO2, SiO2, Ta2O5
  • Semiconductor compounds
  • Functional films in MEMS/MOEMS
  • Amorphous, nanometer and crystalline Si

Example 3D Mapping
Spot Size
For measurements of a small spot size (>10 μm), simply connect the fiber to the c-mount port of your existing microscopes (with reflective illumination).
Measurement Range 20 nm to 50 μm (Thickness only)
100 nm to 10 μm (Thickness with n and k)
Layers Up to 4 layers
Spot Size Adjustable 0.8 mm to 1 cm (10 μm w/microscope)
Sample Size From 1 mm and up
Thickness Accuracy ±0.5%
Stage Size 200 mm × 200 mm